There’s so many things in life we take for granted.. while it’s nowhere near perfect, sometimes it’s easy to forget the privileges and rights we all have simply by living in this country.

When Josie and Sangeun reached out to me earlier this year & shared their story with me, I knew it was a wedding I wanted to be a part of…

See, Josie + Sangeun live together in South Korea, where gay marriage still isn’t legalized. They’ve been together for over 7 years and their love and bond is something straight out of a movie, but despite how beautiful their connection is, the place they call home denies them the ability to make their love official.

However, their countries inability to recognize their love for each other didn’t stop them!

Josie and Sangeun flew to the US last week and got married amongst some of the most beautiful scenery our country has to offer in Yosemite. Their favorite people flew from all around the world to celebrate with them & affirm their love for each other.

In case you needed the reminder, despite every obstacle you’re experiencing in your life right now…
Love wins, always.

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